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I need a sharable calendar with tags

Dear programmers of the world,

Here’s a problem that seems to need solving*. Please, my friends and I beg of you, please help.

My employees and I use Google Calendar. It’s great, because it integrates with Tungle.me and iCal and our phones and everything else we want to use to view calendars. Each of us has her own calendar, so we can see when someone’s out of the office, who’s in a meeting, whatever.

My family and I also use Google Calendar. I have a personal calendar category that’s separate from my work calendar, and my husband has a calendar, and my kids do. We have extra calendars for things like family birthdays that we all want to subscribe to.

About 75% of the time, this is a great solution for us. But frequently, I run into events that need to be in two places — a personal event happening during the work day, so my employees need to know I’ll be out of pocket over lunch — or a work event that runs into the evening, and my husband needs a reminder that I won’t be picking up the kids.

My taxonomic nature wants to throw a tag on that — anything I tag with “AshbyView,” say, should show up on my husband’s version of my calendar, or if I tag it “WorkView” then my employees ought to be able to see my personal event.

I cannot find that this is possible. And yet it seems SO possible.

So, dear programming friends, either tell me that I’m an idiot and to get XYZ Calendar Solution, or take this brilliant idea and let me know when it’s ready. There are families out there that would pay for this kind of information flexibility and accessibility.

*Should I be mistaken about this point — should you know of a web-based, cheap calendar that is easily sharable, exportable, on the iCalendar format and uses tags, please let me know!

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