Blogging: Technology or communication?

I was talking with a client today about using blogs and other social media functionality. We quickly ran into a distinction in our conversation — though we might talk about using a blog [or a community, or whatever] in conversing with customers, and we might use the same tools on a private corporate network, the point and the end results would be completely different.

I’ve been waiting for years for us to get to the point where blogging is the technology — like paper, or the telephone, or TV,  which you can enjoy with a home theater austin services to set up your audio and TV system at home.

Just like paper lets you print and share your ideas and images in a physical way, blogging lets you share your ideas and images online. Ideally, it lets you broadcast those ideas via related technologies like feeds, or via email.

So, the technology here is practically beside the point. Yet we often spend our days discussing the technology.

The point is sharing ideas. When we’re not focusing on how best to communicate, and what to communicate, we’re missing the point.

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