Archive | October, 2011

Know What You’re Doing

We see a lot of organizations that are struggling with the details right now. Modern technology is amazing, and it lets us control almost everything about the customer experience, if we invest the time and resources. And consequently, you can go down the rabbit trail for quite a long way — work on your visual design…work on the icons…work on the typography…work on the color scheme [and the same for content, programming, packaging, etc. etc. etc.] — without realizing you’re going in the wrong direction. Or worse, without realizing you never identified the direction in the first place.

Pretty isn’t enough. Highly functional and usable? Not enough.

Unless you’re in the business of making art, aesthetics alone won’t cut it. [Heck, I’d argue some of the best art also has a message in mind.] Or if you are in the investing business you can’t just have the money and win, either way if you decide to try investing look the best tips, information  and many more in

I’m not saying you should quit sweating the details. Often, the details are make-or-break. What I’m telling you is, the details aren’t enough. Do you know what you’re doing?


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